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11 junio 2014

Diablo like current gen hidden gems

    Diablo is said to be one of the most acknowledged computer games on history, in fact it had so much success that its first chapter was even ported to Mac OS 9 and to PlayStation. Maybe going deeper and deeper into the church basements was a bit boring at beginning... but the randomly generated maps and the levelup system made the game really addictive. And yes, as you can imagine the strength of that games was its addiction.

    18 years have passed and now we know that Diablo III has sold over 5,8 million copies. However, a large amount of fans have claimed that the last chapter of the saga was (and stills being) a completely fiasco: no offline or pvp modes are some examples of what the users miss.

    Nevertheless nowadays we can play some games that actually have the same taste of the original Diablo. May not have randomly generated maps or even a big name, but lets say that they have the same taste... or even we can argue that all of them are games of the same kind. That is due to the fact, as we realize today, that in 1996 Blizzard brought us a new videogame genre, and that is what I'm gonna speak today: Welcome to my little list of Diablo like current gen hidden gems. And yes, when I speak about current gen I neither mean  Xbox One nor PlayStation 4, I speak about 360 and PlayStation 3.

Kingdom under fire: Circle of doom

    Circle of doom is a well unknown game, which has got about 7 years old and has sold about 350.000 copies. This game is a spin-off of the Kingdom Under Fire saga, where the real time strategy elements have been dropped in order to focus the combat system on a diablo like one, based on hack and slash. However that combat system is at same time its strongest and weakest point: It's really fun to slash tones of monsters on randomly generated maps but actually it gets easily boring when your character is only able to do a few combo moves.

Dark Souls

    Actually I was very surprised about Dark Souls at first time, and that is because at that moment I did not knew I would enjoy it so much. First you've a creepy story where you play as the chosen zombie whom will become the savior of the world, whom is also able to defeat giant monsters as dragons or gods and whom also can die easily on every corner of the game. Well, Dark Souls is said to be difficult, and it's true. In fact, forgive my cursing but that game is fucking impossible... and I love that, nowadays that's a good point.

Dark Arisen

    At beginning I was a bit disappointed about Dark Arisen, because on the first view it looked like a simple add-on built in order to make quick cash. However, after going deeper and deeper into Bitterback Island I started to have the same feeling that I had 16 years ago, when I was meeting the Butcher in Diablo for the fist time. May not have randomly generated maps or pvp mode, but actually Bitterback Island was what Dragon's Dogma needed: it's an example of a well made DLC which transforms a standard game into a LEGENDARY one.

Sacred II

    Maybe is the weaker game of my list, and I believe that beacouse is a completely Diablo like clone. You have a vast map to explore with plenty of quest to do and even seven classes to choose... but it's so unoriginal that could make you cry. Do not get it mistaken, Sacred 2 is a nice game with a huge durability but where you're gonna be doing the same stuff hour after hour. At least it has plenty of easter eggs.

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  1. Diablo el mata mouses, muy buen juego, una duda, hora porque en inglés la entrada?

  2. Quería probar si es cierto que hay que escribir un texto en inglés para tener éxito, pero veo que es de las entradas con menos lecturas que he tenido jeje.

    Bueno, lo aparcaremos como un experimento


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